3 tricks that will help you slay the first motorcycle date

Whether you believe it or not, there are only few things that is more awkward than all kinds of date and unfortunately Harley motorcycle date is one of them. Right after your female Harley rider or male Harley rider said yes to your first invitation of meeting in a local bar, there are probably a few worst case scenarios that might take its turn to ruin the date that you spend ages to prepare: you might forget the rephrased sentences and more unfortunately, some offensive words might slip from your mouth without a second thought; or both of your have fallen into an unexpected silence, or, in other words, awkwardness; or you are simply a starter who have just stepped into the Harley motorcycle dating world and have no idea what the essential points of a perfect biker date is. No matter what the case is, our website has assembled 3 most crucial biker dating rules, which are written by a group of expert motorcycle dating counselors, in an effort to help all the Harley motorcycle singles to slay their first date.

1. When it comes to your previous date, shut your mouth up
Every one, or every single Harley rider has a past, there is nothing to deny about that, and every Harley motorcycle rider needs someone to let out their bitterness, or anger, or nostalgia...Whatever it is, talking about your past with your potential Harley partner on the first date is the worst option that you can ever opt for. Bear in mind that the first date means endless possibilities with your Harley men or Harley women, and more importantly, it signifies future and more. Thus questions such as “What kind of Harley motorcycle enthusiast would you prefer to spend time with in the future” will do you a much greater favor than “When is your last relationship” or “Why did you break up”.

2. Impressing your date is not as significant as you thought
I don’t doubt that you’ve had a handful of experience to tell, or, to impress. Whether you were almost kidnapped by mafia while solo traveling in India, or almost get caught in Sweden for exceeding the speed limit on a Harley Davidsno bike... Don’t be in a hurry to impress your Harley motorcycle lover by telling your breathtaking stories because the one of the most crucial thing during the first biker date is to get to know the other Harley rider. Instead of bragging about your past, ask questions about her and be a sincere listener.

3. There is actually no rules
Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Since dating is all about finding the compatible Harley motorcycle female or Harley motorcycle male to spend the rest of one’s life with and reading too many so-called Harley dating rules on Harley dating site will get you no where but make you confused and reluctant about chasing your love life. Nothing counts is you are trying to be someone else.