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If you are one of the male Harley riders or female Harley riders who: always jumping into new relationships with a biker guy or biker guys recklessly every single time despite the tremendous amount of red flags that have been showed.

Have the feeling that every single biker man or biker women you met on online biker dating websites might be the potential biker partner for your rest of life after just a couple of dates.

If you resonate with the experience above, chances are you are one of the Harley motorcycle riders who get too easily attached to his or her Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Thus, please read the online Harley dating site because the only way to break down the toxic pattern of your love-seeking life on free motorcycle dating websites is to understand the destructive patterns in your love life and try to rise above it.

Here are the reasons why you might always feel attached to every single motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls you have dated and the solutions are provided to optimize the biker dating experience of our registered users.

You have had a childhood that’s far from perfect.
You might have had a parent or even parents who wasn’t there when you needed them. For me personally, I lost my father when I was merely 12 and had a tense relationship with my mom since, which can also be the reason why I started to ride Harley Davidson bikes to ease my stress. According to a recently conducted survey among thousands of hundreds of motorcycle women and motorcycle men on online motorcycle dating service, 42% the single Harley riders who get attached too soon to another Harley girl or Harley guy have dealt with abandonment during their childhood. Because of the love or care biker chicks and biker guys have missed in a young age, motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes are more likely to have more of a tendency to pull other like-minded man biker and women biker towards them and are fearful of letting them go. Moreover, some biker gentlemen and biker ladies even tend to seek the Harley women and Harley men who are seeming able to recreate those childhood moments… even if the single Harley riders are unconscious about what is happening around you. As a result, you will most likely be ending up in a vicious circle where you subconsciously attract and are being attracted by the biker babes or motorcycle babes who don’t give themselves fully. Worse off, the motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes will eventually seek their approval, become dependent on it, and finish to feed off it.

This kind of Harley chicks and Harley dudes need to realize that they’re no longer a helpless child two can do nothing to make things better. Keep in mind that a real responsible adult who can make decisions for oneself. Whatever happened in the past can definitely influence the single Harley riders in a way, but it will be the own decision of them to either make it a strength or weakness.

The next episode of online motorcycle dating tips will be coming up next week, please keep tuned.

There are not a lot of male Harley riders and female Harley rider who can meet a compatible biker women or biker man on online biker dating site in no time. But if you are reading this article about motorcycle dating tips, congratulations! You already got the better chance than a huge amount of biker guys and biker girls. However, every Harley motorcycle rider got their own problem. Recently, we have got a lot of requests from a huge number of motorcycle girls and motorcycle boys who have confusions about taking the relationship with their loved ones to another whole new level. Good new for dear all, 5 largest online Harley dating websites have teamed up to answer the question of the Harley guys and Harley girls.

1.Make sure you are on the same page.
Things can get pretty awkward if you are the only one who want to the next move. Thus, before you make and moves, it is of great importance to make sure that your motorcycle women or motorcycle man and you are on the very same page in order to avoid all the unnecessary confusions to happen. There are chance that the biker couple breaks up because of a minor conflict of misunderstanding.

2.Make the right move.
After figuring out the attitude of your Harley man or Harley women, it is time to make the right move. However, there are a few points that you need to pay attention to. The very first one is that you need to make the move which will actually please your Harley girls or Harley guy. There are too many times when one single party making a move which he or she thinks is positive, however, in reality, the feeling of their Harley girls of Harley guys is neglected.

3.Conversation is the key.
Countless misunderstandings might happen because of the lack of efficient communication. Chances are that the biker chicks and biker dudes has enough potential to take their relationship to the next level, but the possibility could even get eliminated due to various reasons, one of the most common one is lack of communication. To communicate fully with your biker babes, the most essential point is to talk in an accepting way and listen with an open heart.

4.Let it be
I understand that you might think the motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude in front of you seems to be the perfect one. But as the old saying goes: You can’t force what’s not meant to be, things might go differently as you expect. Therefore when you feel the unchangeable diffilculty to take the relationship to another whole new level with your biker babes, feel free to let it go. It might hurts, it might be difficult, but you need to keep in mind that meeting the right motorcycle babe at a wrong time is still the wrong person.

When you fall in love, it is only natural for biker man and biker women to do selfless things for their motorcycle partner. No matter it is throwing your motorcycle man or motorcycle women a surprising BBQ party, or a handmade breakfast to bed to start the day of your Harley man or Harley women, those little sweet things can definitely lighten up the day of your significant other who share the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. However, according to a research in 2018 on 8 most famous online biker dating sites, a tremendous amount of biker girls as well as biker guy find it extremely hard to come up with an efficient and useful way to surprise their biker lover. Thus the different Harley dating websites have teamed up in order to help male Harley riders and female Harley riders to optimize their dating experience with their beloved motorcycle guys or motorcycle girls.

Show you that he or she is wanted for no reasons.
As we all know, a bouquet of roses or an elaborately made candled dinner are well known for being the representatives of romance. However, being a little bit different from time to time can also have the same effect, which will even surprise your biker babes or biker dudes. For example, send him or her a message reading “I can’t wait to get you in bed tonight” for no specific reasons. Now your motorcycle dude or motorcycle chicks might be wondering what has gotten in you today, however, at the same time, they know that they’re being desired by someone they love.

Show your love.
Not everyone is used to the westernized way of acknowledging their affections by saying “I love you” out loud. However, it is the most straightforward way to show your motorcycle ladies o motorcycle gentleman that you genuinely care and that you love him or her. For biker girls who stick to the principle of playing hard to get, it is harmless to try out expressing your love openly.

Living in a age when almost everyone has a social media account, why don’t you make the most out of it? It is a shame that the habit of writing a hand written love letter is gone, however, the use of social media is there to replace. Whether it’s posting a cute love quote and tag your biker chicks or biker dude, or upload some of your best selfies together where everyone can see, your biker boyfriend or biker girlfriend will certainly be impressed by it.

It is only the part one of “sweet things you can do for him or her”, and part two is coming on the way in two weeks. It’s time for you to go through the whole list can recreate it by adding your own personal trait to it.

Whether you believe it or not, there are only few things that is more awkward than all kinds of date and unfortunately Harley motorcycle date is one of them. Right after your female Harley rider or male Harley rider said yes to your first invitation of meeting in a local bar, there are probably a few worst case scenarios that might take its turn to ruin the date that you spend ages to prepare: you might forget the rephrased sentences and more unfortunately, some offensive words might slip from your mouth without a second thought; or both of your have fallen into an unexpected silence, or, in other words, awkwardness; or you are simply a starter who have just stepped into the Harley motorcycle dating world and have no idea what the essential points of a perfect biker date is. No matter what the case is, our website has assembled 3 most crucial biker dating rules, which are written by a group of expert motorcycle dating counselors, in an effort to help all the Harley motorcycle singles to slay their first date.

1. When it comes to your previous date, shut your mouth up
Every one, or every single Harley rider has a past, there is nothing to deny about that, and every Harley motorcycle rider needs someone to let out their bitterness, or anger, or nostalgia...Whatever it is, talking about your past with your potential Harley partner on the first date is the worst option that you can ever opt for. Bear in mind that the first date means endless possibilities with your Harley men or Harley women, and more importantly, it signifies future and more. Thus questions such as “What kind of Harley motorcycle enthusiast would you prefer to spend time with in the future” will do you a much greater favor than “When is your last relationship” or “Why did you break up”.

2. Impressing your date is not as significant as you thought
I don’t doubt that you’ve had a handful of experience to tell, or, to impress. Whether you were almost kidnapped by mafia while solo traveling in India, or almost get caught in Sweden for exceeding the speed limit on a Harley Davidsno bike... Don’t be in a hurry to impress your Harley motorcycle lover by telling your breathtaking stories because the one of the most crucial thing during the first biker date is to get to know the other Harley rider. Instead of bragging about your past, ask questions about her and be a sincere listener.

3. There is actually no rules
Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Since dating is all about finding the compatible Harley motorcycle female or Harley motorcycle male to spend the rest of one’s life with and reading too many so-called Harley dating rules on Harley dating site will get you no where but make you confused and reluctant about chasing your love life. Nothing counts is you are trying to be someone else.

So you have finally decided that it is time to end your single life and put yourself out there on Harley dating site to look for a special Harley motorcycle rider to share your Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with. But for many single Harley riders who have never set foot on any motorcycle dating sites, getting caught up by the very first step is rather than common, which is creating a proper profile page to attract the attention of other potential Harley partners. With an effort to optimize the biker dating experience for numerous Harley motorcycle enthusiasts, our website today will name a few commonly occurred mistakes while creating a motorcycle dating profile, and list 3 expert motorcycle dating rules on how to create an eye catching profile page as well.

1. Lies, or even white lies will do no good to your love seeking journey
Every Harley motorcycle single wants to fall into the line to be the perfect Harley motorcycle lover in order to maximize their potential matches. However, a tremendous amount of Harley motorcycle women and Harley motorcycle men tend to lie about their personal information, stories or even intentions. And without doubt, fake profile will get you nowhere but have you end badly. In other to save your energy and time, as well as the others, be upfront and straightforward about what you want. Whether you are looking for a committed relationship, a pure friendship or merely a casual hook up. Don’t be ashamed to let everyone else know what you are looking for and being authentic will help other Harley motorcycle male and Harley motorcycle female to get a better idea of whether or not you are compatible.

2. It’s time to write a eye catching bio
The first step to a successful self introduction would definitely be choose a catchy screen name, which will help your profile page stand out among the masses of ther registered Harley men and Harley women. Try to look for the name both wise and goofy which can accurately represent your personality and easily catch the eye of your special Harley rider. By the way, real name is not recommended being used as a screen name on Harley motorcycle dating platforms for safety reasons. Step two: keep your profile short and essential. To start with, use your favorite quote from a movie or a book that symbolizes your characteristic is strongly suggested to be used as an opening line. And then boils down your personal information to two or three lines no matter how strongly you think a whole 500 pages are not enough to completely cover your story line. And last but not least, make it clear and interesting.

3. Be specific and brief
For your written content on any kind of dating websites, always make sure that your profile is specific and brief. Instead of a plain “I enjoy motorcycle riding”, “I love chasing sunset on a Harley Davidsno bike” will do you a much bigger favor by leaving a deep first impression. has a new location-based mobile dating app for the iPhone recently, which will allow single motorcycle riders to instantly connect with others in their area based on the places they are for dates.

Although it is commonplace to find the perfect potential date while riding out for a short or long trip, but in actuality it is not always safe to accost another strange rider on the open road. So, BikerKiss has been designed for anyone with the passion for motorcycling and the biker lifestyle. With the launch of dating app for single bikers, it is committed to offer a much simpler dating environment for its members.

One of the spokesmen of BikerKiss said that, “Chances of compatibility heightened when singles choose to date someone who share the same interests, lifestyle and mindset. However, single motorcycle riders often fail to meet the perfect biker who can spend the whole life with them, because they are at a great dating platform where filled with singles who aren’t serious about dating. However, Biker dating app solves this problem by bringing together a community of like-minded riders.”

The sign up process is simple and easy. You can use your user information on the desktop version of the site, or fill in your personal information to create an account, or use Facebook account to become a member of the find bikers dating app. Then you can start to find Harley riders on the app. Besides, it boasts several search features which are very useful. Turn on the location function and then you can search those within a defined location or those as close as 500 meters to you. And you can also search by a range of other options including user name, age, height, motorcycle type, distance and so on.

The app is now available on iTunes App Store  and you can download it for free.