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BikerKiss.com has a new location-based mobile dating app for the iPhone recently, which will allow single motorcycle riders to instantly connect with others in their area based on the places they are for dates.

Although it is commonplace to find the perfect potential date while riding out for a short or long trip, but in actuality it is not always safe to accost another strange rider on the open road. So, BikerKiss has been designed for anyone with the passion for motorcycling and the biker lifestyle. With the launch of dating app for single bikers, it is committed to offer a much simpler dating environment for its members.

One of the spokesmen of BikerKiss said that, “Chances of compatibility heightened when singles choose to date someone who share the same interests, lifestyle and mindset. However, single motorcycle riders often fail to meet the perfect biker who can spend the whole life with them, because they are at a great dating platform where filled with singles who aren’t serious about dating. However, Biker dating app solves this problem by bringing together a community of like-minded riders.”

The sign up process is simple and easy. You can use your user information on the desktop version of the site, or fill in your personal information to create an account, or use Facebook account to become a member of the find bikers dating app. Then you can start to find Harley riders on the app. Besides, it boasts several search features which are very useful. Turn on the location function and then you can search those within a defined location or those as close as 500 meters to you. And you can also search by a range of other options including user name, age, height, motorcycle type, distance and so on.

The app is now available on iTunes App Store  and you can download it for free.