The Reasons Why Some Harley Riders Get Attached too Soon

If you are one of the male Harley riders or female Harley riders who: always jumping into new relationships with a biker guy or biker guys recklessly every single time despite the tremendous amount of red flags that have been showed.

Have the feeling that every single biker man or biker women you met on online biker dating websites might be the potential biker partner for your rest of life after just a couple of dates.

If you resonate with the experience above, chances are you are one of the Harley motorcycle riders who get too easily attached to his or her Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Thus, please read the online Harley dating site because the only way to break down the toxic pattern of your love-seeking life on free motorcycle dating websites is to understand the destructive patterns in your love life and try to rise above it.

Here are the reasons why you might always feel attached to every single motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls you have dated and the solutions are provided to optimize the biker dating experience of our registered users.

You have had a childhood that’s far from perfect.
You might have had a parent or even parents who wasn’t there when you needed them. For me personally, I lost my father when I was merely 12 and had a tense relationship with my mom since, which can also be the reason why I started to ride Harley Davidson bikes to ease my stress. According to a recently conducted survey among thousands of hundreds of motorcycle women and motorcycle men on online motorcycle dating service, 42% the single Harley riders who get attached too soon to another Harley girl or Harley guy have dealt with abandonment during their childhood. Because of the love or care biker chicks and biker guys have missed in a young age, motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes are more likely to have more of a tendency to pull other like-minded man biker and women biker towards them and are fearful of letting them go. Moreover, some biker gentlemen and biker ladies even tend to seek the Harley women and Harley men who are seeming able to recreate those childhood moments… even if the single Harley riders are unconscious about what is happening around you. As a result, you will most likely be ending up in a vicious circle where you subconsciously attract and are being attracted by the biker babes or motorcycle babes who don’t give themselves fully. Worse off, the motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes will eventually seek their approval, become dependent on it, and finish to feed off it.

This kind of Harley chicks and Harley dudes need to realize that they’re no longer a helpless child two can do nothing to make things better. Keep in mind that a real responsible adult who can make decisions for oneself. Whatever happened in the past can definitely influence the single Harley riders in a way, but it will be the own decision of them to either make it a strength or weakness.

The next episode of online motorcycle dating tips will be coming up next week, please keep tuned.