Facts of Online Biker Dating Websites

 There are millions of male Harley riders and female Harley riders who are either online Harley dating or know other Harley motorcycle riders that has. In fact, almost 50% of the world’s biker girls and biker guys know a biker women or biker man who dates a person who enjoy the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle and Harley Davidson bikes on online biker dating sites. Every single Harley rider who finds themselves single in middle of free motorcycle dating websites will no doubt be considering online motorcycle dating as an option for finding a happy and healthy relationship. With so many motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys online trying to find the compatible biker partner, check out these random but fun facts about online biker dating that you should know about!

A little bit more than 30% of motorcycle women and motorcycle man on the online biker dating websites are already in a relationship. 31% of the registered biker babes and motorcycle babes seeking a relationship online are already in a relationship and about 6% are married. The very first fact that you should be aware of might sound a bit too scary however, it is of great importance to always keep it in mind while navigating through different profiles on online motorcycle dating services in order to find a compatible motorcycle women or motorcycle man.

Bad things do happen on online biker dating platforms sometimes.

By no means you want to scare Harley motorcycle riders, but the truth is that around 3.6% of men bikers on free motorcycle dating websites are psychopaths. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up online biker dating websites, moreover, and there is no proof that it’s more dangerous than the conventional of dating biker chicks and biker dudes. With all these things, caution is the key and don’t put yourself in any vulnerable positions by thinking and acting smart.

You may keep seeing the same faces of the same motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes. About 19% of those who are online motorcycle dating are on at least 3 other similar online motorcycle dating sites, so be prepared to bump into some familiar faces while navigating through different online motorcycle dating websites.

About a quarter of biker gentlemen and biker ladies dating online quit after two months.

It is true that as great as online biker dating can be, sometimes it can also be frustrating and disappointing. According to the largest online motorcycle dating websites, about 25% of the man biker and women biker tend to uninstall the online biker dating app after some kind of unpleasurable experience with other Harley ladies and Harley gentlemen. If male Harley riders and female Harley riders don’t find the perfect biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend within the first two or three months, they will most likely quit but 89% of them will install the app back after they have gotten over the unpleasurable experience.


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