Top 3 Biker Dating Sites & Apps for Meeting Motorcycle Singles

 Are you a motorcycle enthusiast and looking for a single biker man or man for dating relationship, love and even marriage? Maybe you are used to searching motorcycle girls or Harley guys in local events, rallies or meetings. Did you ever wonder where is the best place or what is best way to find a special biker partner who understand your riding lifestyle very well? There are plenty of biker dating sites and apps growing up very well on the internet so that you get more chances and ways to meet a real Harley woman or man in your area and even next door.

If you have not joined any online dating websites for bikers, it may be very hard for you to decide which dating site is the most suitable one for you. Biker dating sites reviews will help you with many detailed information including the prices, advantages or disadvantages, features, and ranks of each biker dating sites. is not a biker dating site since it does not provides any dating services but reviews of the top 3 biker dating sites. With the help of those review information, you can make the right choice easily.

Top 1: is finally ranked as the number one biker dating site by our editors. The site stands out from tends of motorcycle dating sites for biker singles, because it provides users with special dating services tailored for Harley Davidson riders and their admires only. Harley Dating Site has been online for more than 15, and it claims to be the first dating site for women and men who are riding a Harley Davidson or are interested in riding with a single Harley rider. The site focuses on helping people who are looking to meet and date with a local Harley man or woman. This is the only way how the site maintain its quality of being the top one biker dating site. We can hear that many biker ladies and guys' complaints about being contacted by some people who are not a real biker or not serious to date a biker. Of course, those complaints are from people on some general dating websites. But with Harley Dating Site - a professional dating site for bikers, you can be easily mingled with other motorcycle riders and single bikers nearby.

Top2: BikerKiss is such a special matchmaking website which is popular among tens of dating sites for bikers only. In fact, it is the real first biker dating site in the world, we rank it as No.2 biker site just because of its slow growth. The site was launched in 2001 by a group of students graduated from school for a year. They are all motorcycle enthusiasts, but after all, they are too young to understand biker lifestyle and motorcycle riding culture well. They tried to talk with some veteran bikers face to face on the roads to get more ideas about their needs, but there were still many motorcycle users registered on the site complained about the weakness of the services claimed for bikers. After 17 years of hard work of those students (they are not younger student any more), the site's services has meet the requirement of most motorcycle singles and their admires. We have mentioned that BikerKiss is quite literally an leading dating site for bikers since it has been collecting and getting biker friends together online for 17 years. We ranked it as number two only because we are not satisfied with its growth process. It should be more bigger than other biker dating websites, but it is really the tiniest bit above others.

Top3: BikerPlanet

bikerplanetBikerPlanet started biker dating business in 2006 after being a affiliate partner of BikerKiss for three years. The site studied many features and services from Biker Kiss and keeps improving the dating tools for users, so we believe it is real a professional dating service made for motorcycle riders to meet like-minded people for friendship, relationship and even marriage. We rank this site as number three because it does not partner with other motorcycle clubs or websites online. Advertising is the only marketing ways of BikerPlant to get target customers sign up with the site, so many biker sites and Harley motorcycle clubs do not know the site. What is more, google and other search engines do not give the site high rank, either. Another reason why the site is not ranked higher is that sexy photo of biker model is designed on the homepage. Many men registered on the site just because of the first eye to the sexy biker babe. As a result, many male users on the site are not real motorcycle enthusiasts and they joined the site just for hooking up with local girls.


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